Friday, August 6, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Violet Metal and Marine Blue

So today I am going to talk about the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Violet Metal and Marine Blue. These were part of my haul from yesterday along with Black Satin from this line (it needs its own review so more on it soon.)

So here we go. First up Violet Metal

Click for bigger pic

Now I may not have told you this before, put I am a sucker for purple. Show me something purple and I seems to start muttering "My precious " under my breath. Okay with my dirty little secret out in the open. This didn't do much for me.  The formula went on..ok. I was slightly caught off guard by the flat brush and stem. I finally got the hang of the flat brush, tip: press down slightly more than normal on the nail to spread the bristles and THEN stroke. Better coverage. My main issue was it took forever to dry, and was gummy for an hour at two coats. Three coats were a nightmare. (I never use three coats my self on most products, but some people prefer three and this is why I show it.) The fact it took so long to dry was surprising actually because the first coat was a near instant dry.  Not a must have in my book, but will be interesting for nail art.

One to Blue Marine...

Click for bigger pic

Now this summer sky blue I really likes, but the problems with the drying carried over as expected. Two coats were just perfect for me. As you can see from the pic the polish is actually a bit more shiny  and shimmery than in the bottle lets on. If the choice was there I MIGHT buy this again, but there are an awful lot of summery sky blues out there that don't take an age to dry.

Thats all for now
Lady M

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