Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wet N Wild Glitz Jade and Lust

So today was an AMAZZING day. The Booger Booger and I had a date. Just him and me! We went shopping and playing at the park. Oh and library! We laughed and giggled and had so much fun. I do feel this will become a weekly occurrence.

Well I got myself some presents. Well for you too lol. A new HD webcam and I think 9 new Polishes.

Today I am talking about the WET n WILD polishes I picked up. Now a bit of Back story on these... I have never been a fan. I had them when I was a kid and my memories of them are streaky and muddy to say the best.

BUT, today I saw these (Click on the pic for a bigger image!)
From Left to Right thats Glitz Jade and Lust.

These drew my eye and I must have turned my hand away a dozen times before finally giving in and putting them in my basket.

So here we go now. First up. LUST

I was SO SURPRISED! I loved the application! This polish was smooth and so pigmented! As you can see even one coat is doable. I have and always will show you the progression of three coats, but I would stop at two.  This is with out a top-coat.

I really am loving this color, it is a spunky bright pink with out the horrors of HOT PINK. Great shine, coverage, and application. Loving it. Truly.

On too Jade, Lust must have been a fluke...right?

A little less pigmented but still I would stop at two coats Jade reminds me of a Spring Green. Amazingly, every thing I loved in Lust is here in Jade as well. smooth application great color, great shine. Hmmmm....this is not the Wet n Wild of my youth....

On to Glitz, this is not my normal use of glitter polish but alot of people like to use glitter polish like this so I figured I would show you what it will look like without a color under it. Well, I did use Seche Vite sheer base coat under so there is a bit of pearl from that. As a glitter used as a polish, this is not horrible. There is very little of the sandpaper feel you often get with glitters, I think the glitter is very well suspend in the clear. I know I will be using this in y Nail Art, just not as a all over polish.

Now I have used the awesome new HD camera to take a close up of the Glitter for you. SO here ya go dolls.

Lots of purple and a pinkish color, highlighted with silvers and blues.

So whats my final opinion of these three?
These are NOT the Wet n Wild I remember from my childhood. Gone are the nightmares of general ickyness. I know that I will not to be skipping the Wet n Wild display anymore.

Thats It For Now
Lady M

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