Friday, March 25, 2011

NOTD: Spring Time

I love spring time. I love Fall more, but Spring is a close second. I was messing around in my polish case, and looking threw my blog roll when this mani came to me. I am very interested in the new Mod Collection from Zoya, but I haven't committed to buy them..yet. I don't really know why I am hesitating, Out side of the color purple as a whole, the three shades of the Mod Collection are some of my favorite shades. I alway say I like my colors to scream the color they are. Any way, I have 2 polishes in my collection that seem to be very close to the pink and the blue from Zoya, so I gave them a whorl. Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue and Back to the Fuchsia. Both from the complete salon line. With a matte cote over them they appear very close to the Zoya, but alas, I don't have them, so I can't really compare. Wow, I am rambling. Any way. I came up with this.

Please forgive my cuticals, I have been swatching like crazy when we have sun. I really want to have some photo's in reserve so to speak to help make blogging a bit easier when I am on vacation. I think this was after 5 or 6 swatches, so they are looking a bit rough. Any way. The pink is Back to the Fuchsia in 2 coats. The blue is Calypso Blue. The green is Irish Green from Sinfull Colors (I posted about it here) The tip patters is a BM plate. A nail art decal flower for a final touch. Tops the entire nail with China Glaze Matte Magic. Hope you enjoy!

Thats all for now,
Lady M

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoya Starla Review

As some of you may remember Zoya had an amazing offer not to long ago for 3 free nail polishes to celebrate the rise in followers on facebook. I am actuallynew to the Zoya brand, and this was a great way for me to try them out with little risk as well as take care of a few minor lemmings. One of the polishes I chose was this funky pink by the name of Starla. I was so suprised by this shade. It was not what I expected at all. It was so much MORE. I must have been blind but I never noticed the micro shimmer in it on the blog swatches or on the web site to order. I started to laugh so hard when i recived these, as I tried to pick colors that were not glittery or shimmery, as that seems to be all I wear, and 2 of the 3 were. Back to Starla, one of the best features of this shade is the fact its sheer enough to layer, I have done some really neat things with blues and greens with this as a layer, but thats another post hmmm. It also builds wonderfull. These photo's are all three coat, but they are thin. It formula was smooth and even. It may be on the thin side or some, but its easy to get used to. I think this had to be the perfect color to really introduce me into the world of Zoya, I know I am going back for more. Starla is a great addtion to anny collection.

Thats all for now,
Lady M

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Over Haul on Intense Color

You know those people who's house always has a different layout every time you go over to see them?
Thats me. Except. I live in a small apartment that pretty much only allows for one layout. It bothers me.
SO I decided to do a overhaul on the blog. I really like the IDEA of a three column lay out, but I kept feeling like it was crowded. To be fair I gave the last lay-out like 4 months and I still pretty much hated it. But I have spent the day playing with the template designer and I am completely psyched over what I have come up with! As in COMPLETE love. Don't get me wrong, I will always be tweaking it, but thats just me. I also love the way the blog is not do dark anymore. I like dark colors, I dress in Black mostly and add pops of neon color most of the time. The blog was just to dark, and to me, hard on the eyes. So I changed it. Mwa hahaha. I love the new font as well. Funky while still easy to read.

I would love to hear what you have to say!
What do you like about the new lay out?
What do you hate?
Any suggestions?

Well thats all for now,
Lady M

Monday, March 21, 2011


     One of the great things about being part of the nail community is the Contests and Giveaways! It seems that there is always a giveaway or contest going on. Well I am going to throw my hat into the ring and offer my very first giveaway! This small giveaway is in celebration of the fact I am going home to see my family for the very first time in nearly 7 years. I have not seen any of my family since I was 17 years old and this weekend I am am taking my Amazing nearly 2yo little boy, (I call him Booger Booger) home to meet his family. 

     So in my joy and excitement (don't tell my Ma I am excited, I told her I never get excited over anything Shhhh...) I decided to share it with all of yall.

Enough talking, time to show the pretties.

We have here O.P.I's Who the Shriek Are You! from the Shriek collection. and Nicole by OPI's Love of Life. If you are not familiar with Love of Life it is a pale pink with silver glitter with red/pink hearts suspended in it. 

So all my followers get one entry to start!

    ~Must be a follower
    ~Must leave a comment with your email and the info on how you follow GFC, email, ect. If you follow with GFC your profile needs a public aspect so I can confirm.
    ~ All followers from all countries are welcome to the contest.

Extra Entries.
     ~ Blog or Link to my give a way and its 2 extra entries
     ~Like Intense Color on Face Book. Link Here is 1 extra entry.
     ~ Follow @IntenseColor on Twitter is 1 extra entry.

Okay....did I forget anything????? Oh I will end the Giveaway on April 9th 2011. And as far as I am concerned if it is Aril 9th anywhere in the world, I will count the entry.

Oh and these are from my personal collection, brand new, not even swatches, paid for by me.