Saturday, October 16, 2010

O.P.I Show it and Glow It

Oh the nail community has been a buzz with the new OPI Holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection so I decided to pick up one of the bottles today. Has any one noticed that the holiday collections are being released faster and faster? Well a bit of back ground on the collection, O.P.I decided to collaborate with the film Burlesque starring one of my all time favorite singers, Cher...oh and Christina Aguilera is there as well. Why has O.P.I been paring up with Hollywood so much recently? Shrek, Alice in Wonderland, and Justin Bieber (under the Nicole line) and now this? It confuses me, but the colors are solid and that is what matters.

Read about my thoughts on the colors and see some great swatches after the jump!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


     October is here again. How I love the smell of fall and how the are is chilly but the sun is warm. Harvest time has always been my favorite time of the year. For many people this month is special because of Halloween, but for some it is special because it is when Breast Cancer is brought to the for front of our minds. It allows us an opportunity to address the problem and help raise money for the cure. It has helped pave the way for young woman to learn how to preform self-checks and be aware of our bodies. (have you done an exam recently? if you don't know how heres a link with the down low How to Guide) This month is an important month huh? I am not hear to jabber at you today about breast cancer today. I am taking this month of awareness and going to talk to you about a diffrent cancer. One a bit closer to me than Breast Cancer. Let me tell you a story.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Know I have this woman in my life that I love absolutely, I shall call her Mama Cat for the purpose of this blog. Now Mama Cat so named for her love of her kitties, has another love, Sparkley Shiny, Shimmery things. Now I do think she somehow worked the mama Cat magic and infected me with her love of the Sparkle and Glitter. So I was required to pick up these two lovely glitter polish from Sinful Colors, right?