Wednesday, October 13, 2010


     October is here again. How I love the smell of fall and how the are is chilly but the sun is warm. Harvest time has always been my favorite time of the year. For many people this month is special because of Halloween, but for some it is special because it is when Breast Cancer is brought to the for front of our minds. It allows us an opportunity to address the problem and help raise money for the cure. It has helped pave the way for young woman to learn how to preform self-checks and be aware of our bodies. (have you done an exam recently? if you don't know how heres a link with the down low How to Guide) This month is an important month huh? I am not hear to jabber at you today about breast cancer today. I am taking this month of awareness and going to talk to you about a diffrent cancer. One a bit closer to me than Breast Cancer. Let me tell you a story.

     When you are a child, you mother is your world. The sun will rise and set upon her smile, as well it should. A mother is an amazing person, there is no greater calling than a Mother, and as a Mother I can tell you, there is not a better job offered in this life. My Mother was a funny, smart and so silly. She would play dress up with me and would get down and play mud divers with my Barbie's with me. She taught me how to read, sitting on our ragged couch with Hop on Pop. She taught me how to color in the lines. She taught me how to make yarn once. She would barely blink an eye when I pulled some crazy stunt, and I saw her cry when I was hurt. She was a amazing woman and she was not there when I fell madly in love for the first time when I was 12. She was not there when I was broken and scared. Her hand was not in mine as I gave birth to my son 5 weeks early and crying because he had to be wisked away to the NICU. She was not there to kiss my worries away and tell me it will be okay. She will not see her first grandchild grow from a spunky, too smart little boy to a strong man. She will not be there to cry with me when my children get married. If she was such a great Mother, why has she missed so much? She died when I was 6. My mother had an advance form of brain cancer and it ate away at her. She was such a trooper, no one had ever beaten the type of cancer she had, and she would just smile and say "I am going to be the first." Even threw the pain, her eyes always smiled for me and my baby brother. Cancer in any form, is a thief. It stole her life much too soon, it took my mama from me before I knew my times tables. it has been 17 years since she passes, and let me tell you, there is not a day I don't miss her.

     Did you know that each of the cancers have their own colors and ribbons. Most are familer with the pink for breast cancer, and yellow for a solider. This is a link to wiki's list of ribbon colors and their meanings. If you scroll down, you will notice that Brain Cancer's Awareness Ribbon is grey. I know many in the nail community are posting mani's for Breast Cancer, but I am stealing a bit of the thunder and showing you my mani' for Brain Cancer awareness.

Pay no attention to my cuticles please....we are not on speaking terms right now.

 This is not grey I know, but I felt I wanted to do a gradual with fades from black/charcoal up to a light grey. This is a the  basic water marbling method. I did swirl the colors a bit more than I normally do but I wanted alot of shades of grey in this one. The major difference is that I topped this with a matte top coat. (Matte Magic from China Glaze) the matte effect made this perfect in my eyes. This is simple I know, but pretty, like my Mama.

This my challenge to you nail folks. Take a look at that list. If there is something there that hits home for you, blog about it, or send me a pic and a short description and I will compile them and post them here for you.

Thats all for now folks,
Lady M

I miss you mama.

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