Monday, February 21, 2011

China Glaze Cracked Concrete

Okay fist in my review and sample mani of the China Glaze's contender for the crackle polish this season is called Cracked Concrete. Now the color at first glance in the bottle is a odd grey, murky almost. After having it for a few days, I have grown fond of the color and it does in fact look darn close to concrete in the sunlight. As for formula, well its a crackle coat polish, so it has problems from the first go, but it is much better than OPI's Shatter in my opinion. The Shatter seems to harden instantly around the threads of the bottle and along the neck of the brush, the China Glaze just gets a bit...goopey. And it also does not harden to the point you almost need pliers to open the bottle after a few days in storage like my bottle of Shatter did. I didn't know to wipe the threads down before storage the first time I used it, and its not like I messy or anything ya know. 

Well enough chatter, Now for some pics.

Now these were taken in full sunlight and I personally love them. I had a French inspired outfit to wear out on Sunday and this is the look I came up to match. The pink in OPI's Flower to Flower from last years spring collection. I used the first clear coat I grabbed from my pile of clear coats so I can't tell you what that one is. Once my package comes in I am going to do this mani again and top it with some konad, Pics will be posted Promise. One thing I love about this is the fact it is much easier to work with than shatter, You have a bit more leeway before it begins to crack, so if you coincidently brush a bit over an area you already covered, you don't screw up the mani, word to the wise, have a good bit of polish on the brush, too little and it looks thin and watery, to much looks thick and plastic. (middle finger in the pics folks) 

Bottom Line: IS CRACKED CONCRETE WORTH IT? In a word....maybe. It does crack something pretty. but you need to have some creativity to come up with useful colors to pair it with. If you are not brave, go with on of the other colors in the selection, collectors and those brave for color, (like me) get a bottle now

Thats it for now folks,
Lady M

Tomorrow : Purple Cracks