Friday, August 6, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Violet Metal and Marine Blue

So today I am going to talk about the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Violet Metal and Marine Blue. These were part of my haul from yesterday along with Black Satin from this line (it needs its own review so more on it soon.)

So here we go. First up Violet Metal

Click for bigger pic

Now I may not have told you this before, put I am a sucker for purple. Show me something purple and I seems to start muttering "My precious " under my breath. Okay with my dirty little secret out in the open. This didn't do much for me.  The formula went on..ok. I was slightly caught off guard by the flat brush and stem. I finally got the hang of the flat brush, tip: press down slightly more than normal on the nail to spread the bristles and THEN stroke. Better coverage. My main issue was it took forever to dry, and was gummy for an hour at two coats. Three coats were a nightmare. (I never use three coats my self on most products, but some people prefer three and this is why I show it.) The fact it took so long to dry was surprising actually because the first coat was a near instant dry.  Not a must have in my book, but will be interesting for nail art.

One to Blue Marine...

Click for bigger pic

Now this summer sky blue I really likes, but the problems with the drying carried over as expected. Two coats were just perfect for me. As you can see from the pic the polish is actually a bit more shiny  and shimmery than in the bottle lets on. If the choice was there I MIGHT buy this again, but there are an awful lot of summery sky blues out there that don't take an age to dry.

Thats all for now
Lady M

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wet N Wild Glitz Jade and Lust

So today was an AMAZZING day. The Booger Booger and I had a date. Just him and me! We went shopping and playing at the park. Oh and library! We laughed and giggled and had so much fun. I do feel this will become a weekly occurrence.

Well I got myself some presents. Well for you too lol. A new HD webcam and I think 9 new Polishes.

Today I am talking about the WET n WILD polishes I picked up. Now a bit of Back story on these... I have never been a fan. I had them when I was a kid and my memories of them are streaky and muddy to say the best.

BUT, today I saw these (Click on the pic for a bigger image!)
From Left to Right thats Glitz Jade and Lust.

These drew my eye and I must have turned my hand away a dozen times before finally giving in and putting them in my basket.

So here we go now. First up. LUST

I was SO SURPRISED! I loved the application! This polish was smooth and so pigmented! As you can see even one coat is doable. I have and always will show you the progression of three coats, but I would stop at two.  This is with out a top-coat.

I really am loving this color, it is a spunky bright pink with out the horrors of HOT PINK. Great shine, coverage, and application. Loving it. Truly.

On too Jade, Lust must have been a fluke...right?

A little less pigmented but still I would stop at two coats Jade reminds me of a Spring Green. Amazingly, every thing I loved in Lust is here in Jade as well. smooth application great color, great shine. Hmmmm....this is not the Wet n Wild of my youth....

On to Glitz, this is not my normal use of glitter polish but alot of people like to use glitter polish like this so I figured I would show you what it will look like without a color under it. Well, I did use Seche Vite sheer base coat under so there is a bit of pearl from that. As a glitter used as a polish, this is not horrible. There is very little of the sandpaper feel you often get with glitters, I think the glitter is very well suspend in the clear. I know I will be using this in y Nail Art, just not as a all over polish.

Now I have used the awesome new HD camera to take a close up of the Glitter for you. SO here ya go dolls.

Lots of purple and a pinkish color, highlighted with silvers and blues.

So whats my final opinion of these three?
These are NOT the Wet n Wild I remember from my childhood. Gone are the nightmares of general ickyness. I know that I will not to be skipping the Wet n Wild display anymore.

Thats It For Now
Lady M

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ogre the Top Blue

When you work in food service, painted nails are a no go. It is just not sanitary or safe for the customers. So for the past 7 years or so, I have turned a blind eye to any and all polish. But I am not in food service anymore am I?

The result of my deciding to leave food service (besides my massive joy) is that my polish collection has grown by leaps and bounds. A recent present from my Penguin was on of the last polishes I was missing from O.P.I's Shriek collection. Now bear with me folks, my real camera got stolen on the 4th of July, so these are from my phone.

Isn't it just perfect? Now this is a creamy just a shade darker than sky blue, well to me anyways. The thing I love about this polish besides the awesome color? This is ONE coat. Not a thick coat either, just your average run of the mill kind of coat. That is AMAZING coverage in my opinion. Way to go O.P.I! If you can find this I strongly urge you to pick it up! It is a great color and would be great for accents if you don't like it as full coverage.

I toped it with a lollipop design from bundle monster, I wish I could show you but every pic I took with my crapy phone ended up looking like smudges.

Now on a side note, as I was playing with my image plates I stumbled on an amazing technique I have not seen before that adds so much more depth to the images, as soon as I can figure out how to take a photo of it and make a tutorial I will have it posted for you guys.

Till next Time
Lady M
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Fire Nails with Bundle Monster

So every Sunday the Penguin and I have our "couple friends" over. I shall call the Shiney (him) and Asia (her) because I have never been the type to use real names on the internet.  He loves Shiney Purple and she is a black belt, the names fit lol.

So any how Asia was looking over the plates that I just got and pulled out the designs with fire on them. We went threw about a dozen designs until I was looking at my polishes and it came to me. Asia wanted Fire so I would give her Fire.

I started off with Seche Vite Base Cote and put a coat of Sally Henson's Extream Wear  White Out over it. Next was Mellow Yellow by Sally again. (later as I was doing this on my nails I found the base of white was not needed with Mellow Yellow, but your Yellow may need it) And I went a head and stamped the fire/wood grain looking pattern over the Yellow. That would be found on plate BM16 btw. and stamped with a Orange polish, mine was Flit a Bit by Opi and then I repeated trying not to line them up too perfectly with Read my fortune cookie  by Opi. Top Coat and Done. Simple Easy Fiery.

I am sorry about the quality of the pic, my camera was stolen on the Fourth of July, and I am forced to use my web cam till I replace it.

Once Again, all products were bought by me.

Till Next Time
Lady M

My disclosure