Monday, March 7, 2011

A look into my stash

Every polished obsessed person eventually runs into a problem. What polishes do I acutally own? How do I store them? Well I am at that point. So I dug out my main polish case and the plastic bin I store them in and rounded up the strays scattered through out the house and dumped them all on my kitchen table.

All sorts of a mess. With the help of Penguin (thats his but in the picture) I sorted them all out into brands. He was such a good sport even though he told me it made him feel "funny" playing with nail polish. *snort* Yes because touching the bottles makes you less a man. MMMKAY.

Any how...the end result was...

I discovered I have 127 polishes (and for those who count there are 126 in the picture, one was camera shy)
I also dicovered I bought the a blue polish from Nicole by Opi in both matte and regular finish...I don't belive I ever wire either lol. I also discovered I have an very old bottle from Sinfull Colors, it does not even match the bottle design of the recent stuff in any way lol. 

Still have no idea how to store them, and I need to find a way cause my Booger Booger has broken 8 bottles in the past few months. Any ideas?

Well I hope you liked the peek at my collection

Thats all for now,
Lady M