Saturday, October 16, 2010

O.P.I Show it and Glow It

Oh the nail community has been a buzz with the new OPI Holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection so I decided to pick up one of the bottles today. Has any one noticed that the holiday collections are being released faster and faster? Well a bit of back ground on the collection, O.P.I decided to collaborate with the film Burlesque starring one of my all time favorite singers, Cher...oh and Christina Aguilera is there as well. Why has O.P.I been paring up with Hollywood so much recently? Shrek, Alice in Wonderland, and Justin Bieber (under the Nicole line) and now this? It confuses me, but the colors are solid and that is what matters.

Read about my thoughts on the colors and see some great swatches after the jump!

     So as I am sitting there in my local polish haunt, I can not help but think to myself "These are HOLIDAY colors?" Now don't get me wrong, I love the twinkling of the lights and there has always been alot of sparkle around the holidays. Maybe it is the name, but every time I look at these colors I see a line girl in 1920's Chicago. When I put the Show It and Glow It! on I felt the need to put on a flouncey skirt and do the Can-Can *shrugs* Well How about some pics?
Wow, look at that shiny sparkly goodness, Mama Cat sure would love this let me tell ya. For all of it’s show girl feel, this polish has SOOOOO many things going for it. First the formula, was amazing, not to thin, not to thick, the perfect Goldie Locks level of Just Right. It is so rare to find a glitter polish that is meant to be worn as a full coverage polish and not to be layered with something else. Show It and Glow It, is one such polish. I tried to layer it and it hid the base coat completely…it was black, and was covered by the sparkles. I did not have one problem at all with bald spots or any of the normal glitter polish issues we often run into. 

As we take a closer look into the array of colors that we have here in SIaGI we come across a wonderful display of purple, green, silver, yellow, blue, and I believe pink. The purple is the primary color here (hmmm wonder why I picked this one folks, any guesses?) and I can tell you if your outside and you have just a tiny bit of low light, this baby will still dazzle you.

     I do have one major pet peeve. It was a complete bear to get off. Yes I know, it’s a glitter. I for some reason wear a lot of glitters, so I know what to expect, but the stumped even me. I always do a double base coat with glitters, and it didn’t help the situation at all, but it does not stain the surrounding skin as some glitters are prone to do. I can not say much about chip tests or tip wear as I only had these on for swatching and to take notes on the polish/colors it self. 

So all in all, the most important question there is: Would I buy this again? The answer is a surprising YES! I still have problem fitting my brain around how this is a Holiday Color Scheme, but if I judged polishes on that, I would have far fewer amazing colors in my collection than I do, and I would be sad.

That all For now Folks,
Lady M

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  1. I have no problem whatsoever wrapping my mind around this collection, because I knew from the get-go that it was based on the Burlesque movie. In fact, I purchased Show It And Glow It specifically to wear to the preview screening of the movie before it came out in theaters! :D


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