Sunday, October 17, 2010

China Glaze: Zombie Zest


      Ahh, Zombie Zest is in from China Glaze. The Penguin and I stopped by our local Sally's and when he saw the name of this polish, the choice was removed from my choice. Did I mention he has a slight obsession with zombies. So Zombie Zest is a part of the China Glazes Halloween Collection. Well stay tuned and follow the jump to see my thoughts of this color. 

So as I was sitting out our table applying this for the fist time, the Penguin wandered over and I blurted out.
"Doesn't this color come out of our son?"

Sad thing is he agreed, 

Now I actually love the color. Its a gold and yellow based green, and I swear the is a bit of brown undertones some were in there. It does really look like a Halloween Color to me. Zombie Zest was the perfect name any ways. The murky undertones make this color something very special in my eyes. The micro glitter makes it pop with out taking away from the overall color, which can be very hard to do.

Now for the formula,  well I would rate it at an A+. The color went on smooth and I had no trouble what so ever with streaking or bald spots. The color builds into a vibrant color very easily in 2-3 coats depending on the thickness of the layers. My pics are three coats because I prefer very thin layers. Would I buy this again, the answer is yes. For me this is not a all year color, it is most assuredly going over to the fall only side of my collection. For any of you polish color collectors out there, I highly recommend this unique color to your collections, I know I am glad it is in mine.

Thats all for now Folks,
Lady M

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