Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Know I have this woman in my life that I love absolutely, I shall call her Mama Cat for the purpose of this blog. Now Mama Cat so named for her love of her kitties, has another love, Sparkley Shiny, Shimmery things. Now I do think she somehow worked the mama Cat magic and infected me with her love of the Sparkle and Glitter. So I was required to pick up these two lovely glitter polish from Sinful Colors, right?

This lovely blue named Hottie, and
This spunky pink called Pinky Pink

     Now normally I will give a little bit of info and thoughts on each of the colors individually, but not this time. Yes the colors are very different, to the naked eye, but every thing else is the same. Each has a wonder collection of glitter suspended in their colors. The glitter size range from the micro shimmer all the way up to large and round. Now one thing I love about the base  glitter its self is almost a silver and the reflections include pink blue, orange green and yellow, and that was just what I gathered from the short time I had the swatches.
The removal was quite easy for a glitter polish, I placed 2 coats of a base coat on before applying the polish, and removal was just a few minutes of my time.

Now as for Hottie it seems to be a nice rich blue, but is actually a nice sky blue when applied.

One thing I hate about most glitter polishes is that there is never enough color to the base that makes me NOT feel like I just painted my nails with bling and called it a day. The color is subtle yes, but there is enough I don't feel silly wearing it.And it is a light enough color that it still works great for layering with out changing the color of the polish underneath, in fact they both do.

Now for Pinky Pink, it looks to be a much brighter pink than the shell pink it actually is.

And as a layer

And last but not least, here is a comparison of each color over O.P.I's Funky Dunky

The thumb is Hottie and the index finger Pinky Pink

So my final thoughts on the polishes, I love love love them. They are not part of the special collections from Sinful Colors, so they are here  for a bit anyway, and at an average price of $2 a pop, a steal.

Now I have to say it, these two have one draw back, they are on the thick side. It can take a few tries to get the hang of them, but they are worth it! I would buy these again in a heart beat....hmmm I might have to pick up a back up or two...

Well thats all for now, 

I bought the polishes in this post with my own money and this is my opinion on these products.


  1. Sinful Hottie is my favorite glitter so far! Absolutely worth $2. You can see it used over some other colors if you search on my blog. I love it by itself or as a topcoat.

  2. I completely agree. I just can't decide what colors to layer it with, so many options.


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