Wednesday, September 29, 2010

O.P.I Go Goth Swatches and Review

Hello my little ducks, it seems it has been ages since I last had the time to sit and blog about my mission to seek out the best (and worst) nail polishes and doo-dads out there and report my findings. Life has been hectic and I once again let myself get caught up in the whole-wind and forgot about myself and my passions. Well I refuse to forget about them anymore! And my ducks do I have a surprise in store for you!

I recently stumbled upon what appears to be O.P.I’s Halloween Collection 2010 in the sample kits at one of the local beauty places I haunt. After much hmmhawing I finally broke down and bought one of the kits.
As usual with the mini kits I am normally in love with one color and ehhhh over the rest. This time around it’s the Nevermore…I just HAVE to try it.

So up first is Unripened, it’s a black base with lovely teal and blue micro glitter. Now I love black polish, always have, but I hate wearing it. Seems so blank to me, so I am always doing SOMETHING to it. So this polish with its is right up my ally, black but with enough color it does not look like a empty chalkboard.
Now the application was easy (as easy as the little bottles and the little brushes make it) The first coat goes on streaky, but by the second coat it settles in for full coverage with no need to even attempt a third. As with all shimmer glittery polishes I recommend two coats of your favorite base coat, well enough chatter. Heres the pic’s.

Lovely isn’t it. 

Now for Sanguine

Now I must say, I hate red polish. There are only 3 reasons I have red polish in my collection. 

1) It came as part of a mini set
2) It was part of a Limited Release that I wanted to collect
3) It was part of a mini set and I fell in love with it for stamping reasons.

That take my total of red polished to a grand total of 4, and the only one I ever use is Red My Fourten Cookie and I only use it for stamping reasons. 

Now that that has been said,

I LOVE  Sanguine Now I have a sick sense of humor, so to me this reminds me of a drop of crystallized blood. It has enough of a black tone to really pop out the red and the glitter gives it some amazing shine. I only hope I can find this in the larger bottle. 

Now on too the Nevermore Not much to say here, it’s a deep purple with some nice blue tones and it carries the same micro glitter as the previous, just a tad more pop to it. Same application. Now I love purple polish, as opposed to my red collection I think I have near 30 shades of purple. I have a serious love of purple, and I would pass this one up. it’s a purple micro glitter, and sadly, not that different. I will say that it is slowly growing on me, and I am very happy to have a mini of it while I decide if I truly will pass or not.

And last but not least.Obscurity. Now I am sorry I have nothing to say. it’s a black matte. A little streaky in the application, but well….it’s a matte. 

Well all in all. Unripened and Sanguine are AMAZING. The other two….ehh…I don’t need them (well maybe I need the purple one..undecided). I would really highly recommend picking up the Mini Collection. 

Now I have some sad news and some great news ducks. I am hearing a few rumors that they are only giving a limited release of the  larger bottles of the colors. Now when I learned this I was heartbroken. I am so in love with Unripened, I had plans to add it to my collection of Often Worn Polishes…Well let me tell you a story my ducks. 

I went shopping with my in-laws to pick them up some snacks before they took the Booger Booger for the week end and I fell in love with a little polish. Here take a peek..

GASP is that Unripened ???   Nope!!! It is What‘s Your Name??? by Sinful Colors, and it is an EXACT DUPE of Unripened . I am not kidding. EXACT. . I was highly interested on how close it was and actually painted my thumb nail half Unripened and half What’s Your Name and I could not tell the difference at all (I even wore it to work like that)  Sadly I messed around and added stripes and what not before I thought to take a picture. Now here is the best part. What’s Your Name? cost me $2.99 as opposed to the $6-$8 I was expecting.  Great find! 
Below is a pic of the bottles side by side

Now just for some odd fun I did paint a matte topcoat over these just to see what would happen. 

Interesting hmm?

Well that’s all for now.
Till next time
Lady M

Yes I both these products myself, and was not paid to give a review and this is my honest opinion that this item would be a great addition for any polish collector or obsessive. 


  1. im interested to see the cuff bracelet xD but that deep red is lovely :)

  2. I will try to post a pic of the bracelet to night for you


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