Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Corporate Camo...kinda

I am a good ol' gal from the South and for some unknown reason I am drawn to camo. No clue why, nope none at all. While I have pulled off some pretty wild nail designs at work, it occurred to me today that I don't think I could get away with Camo, at least not until fall, and there must be ladies out there who love camo as I do, but could not get away with camo nails in the office. So I introduce to you Corporate Camo (aka camo in camo)

Click for a bigger pic

 "But Lady M, who can you call THAT camo?"

Hush your muffins for a sec and click on the pic dolls. If you do you can see that the blending looks like camo...kina....(remember this is camo in camo)

Want a close up?

Click for a bigger pic

Click for a bigger pic

Now I love this little design, its close enough to camo to please in inner redneck. Hope you like it and if you would like a step by step how to visit HERE for my youtube video.

Thats All For Now
Lady M
I bought everything shown today with my own money

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