Monday, August 9, 2010

Essence Color and GO

So the other day I was in Ulta for The Nail Art Stampy Set by (my video review and demo can be found here) when I saw this little lovely bright green polish by Essence. So I grabed it as well and off we went. So today I have Essence Color and GO in Check Me Out.

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Well it is a nice little lime neon color isn't it? Now essence claims that this is a one second dry formula. Well dolls, let me tell you what I found. First the polish is on the thin watery side. Applied streaky and it just didn't feel like it gripped the nail. Now the very first coat. Which is extreamly shear, did in fact dry in seconds, about as long as the average base coat takes to dry. I decided that one coat did not prvide th coverage I needed so I went ahead with coat two.....10 mins later, this is what I had....

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I just barely tapped the surface! Once it finally dried (kinda) 20 minutes later I felt like i had dipped my hands in plastic and didn't clean them off. The polish was gummy, thick and if you knocked it you ended up with dent the size of the Grand Canyon. Good thing it was only a dollar huh?

I in no way ever recommend this to anyone; especially not as a full coverage nail color anyway. I can see it working well in water marbling and basic nail art. (haven't tried though, just a guess there) and if you layer it over a thicker polish like Sally Hannsons Whit Out it might work for stamping, maybe.

So in all if you want a shear color that with show the natural nail, then go for this polish, if you want a polish that actually dries with full coverage, the is not for you. (or me lol)

Well Thats all for now,
Lady My
I purchased all products in this review with my own money

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