Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoya Starla Review

As some of you may remember Zoya had an amazing offer not to long ago for 3 free nail polishes to celebrate the rise in followers on facebook. I am actuallynew to the Zoya brand, and this was a great way for me to try them out with little risk as well as take care of a few minor lemmings. One of the polishes I chose was this funky pink by the name of Starla. I was so suprised by this shade. It was not what I expected at all. It was so much MORE. I must have been blind but I never noticed the micro shimmer in it on the blog swatches or on the web site to order. I started to laugh so hard when i recived these, as I tried to pick colors that were not glittery or shimmery, as that seems to be all I wear, and 2 of the 3 were. Back to Starla, one of the best features of this shade is the fact its sheer enough to layer, I have done some really neat things with blues and greens with this as a layer, but thats another post hmmm. It also builds wonderfull. These photo's are all three coat, but they are thin. It formula was smooth and even. It may be on the thin side or some, but its easy to get used to. I think this had to be the perfect color to really introduce me into the world of Zoya, I know I am going back for more. Starla is a great addtion to anny collection.

Thats all for now,
Lady M

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