Monday, April 18, 2011

A warning about Sally's...

Now in an earlier post Rushing Finger Paints I told y'all how my local Sally's had filled a seasonal collection display with colors from the core line. I picked up two colors and in my haste did not read the label, which is my fault, but at the same time, one should be able to go into a "trusted" beauty supply store such as Sally's and have some measure of trust that if you pick up a polish off a display (and the display was full with many bottles of the same colors) you can trust that polish was from the said collection. Well I am sorry that this is just not true in any way. I have been in customer service my entire working life, so poor or misleading customer service really gets under my skin. I called the store I purchased these colors from and spoke with the assistant manager to ind out if this was intentional or just an accident. I was informed that they were directed to restock the limited collection displays with with core colors by the Home Office. Skeptical I went online and got the number for the head office and called and asked the same questions. After a decent wait I was told the same thing, they did inform their stores to restock the core colors when the seasonal collections run out. I believe that this is a terrible and misleading practice  I know I hold fault in this, I should have taken a moment and read the labels carefully. So my warning to all is to be extremely careful and even if you think you are in a rush, read your labels at Sally s, otherwise you might risk buying a "seasonal color" you already own.

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Lady M

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  1. My Sallys does the same thing with the China Glaze displays. it is SO annoying.


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