Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mash Image Plates

Calling all nail stampers! I have a surprise for you!

Have you ever heard of Mash Stamp Plates? Neither had I until one day I was window shopping on Amazon and typed in Nail Plates and my search returned a few new products. The one that caught my eye was named Mash Stamping Plates. So I click on it and low and behold I am staring at konad dupes. No, for real. I was amazed. Here before me was 25 image plates that were near identical to Konad. For only $9.99. I went to add them to my cart and alas, they were sold out. So for the better part of 2 months I have been checking a few times a week for them to come back. And they are in stock! Now I am assuming they will not be as perfect as the Konad brand, but they are close enough that I will finally be able to try out some of the manis I have been drooling over. 

Lets do some math:

Plates that are exact dupes. M20 M21 M22 M25 M26 M27 M28 M44 M45 M56 M57 M60 M61 M62 M63 M64 M72 M73 M78 M80  (total of 20)

So that leave 5 very cute plates, with images I have seen before, but just can't place. And yes, i really did go threw every plate and compare them.

So 20 Konad Plates from Konad Nail Art which is the cheapest supplier of all plates I have found at $6.50 a plats would come to a total of..... $130.  Now this site runs a permanent discount of 10% off orders over $100 so our new subtotal is now...$117. and the Cheap shipping in the US is 6.20 so grand total of... $123.20

123 Dollars! Seriously?

Or I can get near exact copies of the 20 Konad plates for...$9.99 plus $4.95 Shipping. Grand total. $15

I know which one I am going for. (I would much rather take the surplus and go over and spend it on some Nfu Oh)

Now I know we are all eagerly awaiting the New bundle Monster Plates, but please do your self a favor and go grab these. Even if you have a few of the included plates from Konad, still grab these and use the dupes for a give away. You will not be sorry.

Now a small note: If you go on Amazon and search image plates like I did, you may come across a set from SHANY. Please BACK AWAY. This set is nothing but the 21piece bundle monster with 4 extra plates for nearly $40 versus the $18 of the 21piece Bundle Monster. I went threw each image as best I could as they posted blury images and was able to match each of the Bundle monster plates.

There is also another set by the name of FASH

These seem to be the missing Konad Plates from the Mash set, but with the images mixed up, as in one image from plate A is now next to an image from plate Q.

I will be getting this set, after I get the new Bundle Monster Set, so I will of course share my review.

I can't wait for my MASH Set to get here! I promise a thorough and detailed review and most likely a video as well!

Thats All For Now,
Lady M


  1. Hi!!
    Hope everything is ok now (y)
    Did you already got my package?
    Have fun :)

  2. I wish I had read this before I ordered this set!!! I knew some of those images looked familiar and now I know why...



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