Monday, April 18, 2011

Rushing Finger Paints

This is going to such as long post (to make up for the week away) So forewarning!

      Now first let me start of saying I am extremely upset with Sally's (and myself.) My Mother-in-Law and I dropped in to Sally's since I was out of Acetone and desperation was setting in with the need to redo my nails. Well at my Sally's they are having a B2G1 free sale on all polish. Yay! So my MIL picked out a boring (but lovely and perfect for her pale pink) and I came across the display for the Finger Paints flower collection! So I grabbed a lovely orange and green. We were in a bit of a rush so I didn't catch that the freaking sales people were sneaks and filled their empty display from that collection with other "similar" colors from Finger Paints!!! GAH. Seriously? You got to be kidding me! Of course its my own darn fault. Now I am seriously annoyed but it was not such a total loss. I may love showing the recent polishes for all of you, but I never buy a polish that I don't love....well i don't pay full price any way. I have passed over entire collections before since they didn't speak to me. So even though the polishes were not what I thought they were, I still love the colors. 

     Which brings me not my next topic. I look at polish, and the colors I choose to wear with a bit of different eye than many people. I have only one color I never wear unless its an accent color. Red. Gads how I hate red. I am a natural red head with pale skin and for some reason the people in charge of dressing me as a small girl were convinced that dressing me in RED was a good idea. (they made me sing " at family gatherings!) So needless to say, I detest red. Okay getting back on track...

     So sometimes the colors I choose to wear may not be "perfect" for my skin tone. But as long as its not RED (shudder) and I love the color, I say who cares. I have never been one to follow trends for the sake of trends. My toes are always painted in neons, regardless what season it is outside. So Finger Paints Tangerine Tint is just perfect for me.

I am CRAZY about this color! not only was the formula and application were simply amazing! Now this is my first experience with Finger Paints and I know I will be returning for more. The brush was on the thin side, but workable. One thing that really surprised me was the smell, or the lack of one. I did not sense any of the off putting smells that nearly all polish have a least a touch of. A total plus! Makes me happy any way since I know that once I have more colors from Finger Paints that this will be one of the brands I reach for if I need to do a quick mani and my kiddo is running around. My photos do not do it justice, the color is a bit brighter, but I have no sun atm, I I had to do my best. The color is also brighter than the bottle color, so keep that in mind if you pick this up and the bottle is too bright for you.

Now or this mani, I had Tangerine Tint (duh) stamped with a cute love eyes from my new Essence Stampy Plates (fresh from Europe thanks to a friend, show and tell post to arrive shortly) This is a simple mani, but the effect is dual. Up close the effect of the skulls is easily seen, (are those love eyed skulls cute or what?) but step back a bit and the effect morphs into a very interesting lace like feature. Just don't stand to close to Grandma and she will love these lol.

So all in all....I am  super happy with the colors and the mani, even  if the colors were a surprise. And please forgive the mess, and the green tint around my middle finger, it was stained by another polish removal.

Well I am going to stop my rambles now,

Thats all for now,
Lady M


  1. The people at my Sally's do the same thing with their displays, it sucks and is terrible mis-leading!

    This color looks great on you :)

  2. OMG!! I can't believe Sally's can do tat.. but when i saw the color.. I was like Wow!! that's an awesome color :D and I totally forgot about sallys but yeah we need to be careful :) Thanks


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