Monday, April 4, 2011


I could not believe my eyes this morning when a fellow nail junkie linked me to the Bundle Monster facebook page. And to my love and happiness I was informed that they are releasing a brand new  set of image plates. Oh wow, shivers! Yay. I must say I love when a company really listens to their customers, the new plates will have a backing to reduce sharpness as well as wider full nail images. There is no official release date as of yet. but we are assured it is soon, and check back here often, I will post as soon as they are available for purchase....well I will post a few minutes after I click the confirm order button lol. These have gone up in price by about 4 bucks or so, but the amount of images have also went up

For those who have the first set of image pates, go to the face book page and enter the contest to win a free set!  at Bundle Monster's Facebook or just stop by to check out the teaser images they are releasing. Come back here to tell my what ones tickle your fancy and I will post a mani using the most loved first. I like the pumpkin!

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