Sunday, April 10, 2011

Egyptian Stampy Frankening

So its Sunday and as I mentioned in an earlier post we have a few friends over every Sunday to play nerdy games ect. Well my friend Asia and my friend Skittles wanted to see some of the polish I brought back from my trip. Lol, It was Skittles first time seeing my collection, Her eyes got bigger and bigger as I first brought out th Tupperware container of the polish I took, then the first add box I captured for more storage and her jaw dropped when Penguin brought out the main case of polish. Ahh how I love the utter shock I see when people discover my stash. Any way. I did a mani on Skittles with a creme black with some flackies with a matte top coat, nothing special. I mainly did it so she would become more aware of her nails and stop biting them. She laughed and said she now has a goal and reason to stop biting after she looked through my stamping plates. Confused i asked why and she said, she wanted her nails to grow so she could get a red/black mani with the sun stamp. Well I know Asia, and I started putting away the easter colors we were planing on using for her mani and got some reds and blacks out. Thing was, Skittle had no idea what she meant by red/black mani. And suddenly I went into zen mode and got a dish out to start mixing some color up. I added some black and few reds and a silver to highlight and ended up with the rich blackened red that we all ohhhed and ahhhed over. I used a white for the sun on the ring finger and added some beetles on the thumbs. I commented it was kinda Egyptian to Asia and she said "Yhea kinda, it really would be if it was gold..." And that sent me on another blending frenzy, mixing a copper, shimmer yellow and bright creme yellow to come up with a dark bronzed/.gold color I used for the rest of the stamping. OMG! We are so in love with it! Sorry for the sloppy painting, but I was running out of the color I mixed lol. Hope I can recreate it! and since I painted this mani at 10pm, there was no sun where we live. Well hope you love this as much as we do!

E'nuff blabbering, heres the pic!

Thats all for now,
Lady M

P.S. Tommorow I will announce the Winner to the contest!

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