Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who I am and What this is.

Hey Everyone. (even though as I am writing this no one is reading it but me)

 I am Lady Morrgian and this is Intense Color. This blog is devoted to (mainly) nail polish and all of the wonderful effects one can achieve with the amazing little liquids. I may eventually start to add in a few eyeshadow posts as that is another love of mine, but who knows.

I am 23 and a mom to a wonderful little boy creature whom I call Booger Booger, and have a spouse creature whom I call Penguin. I work in my day to day life as a shoe sales associate for DSW. I recently rediscovered my love of nail polish when I started working there. Before DSW I was a waitress and before that I was a manager in a few restaurants. I wore allot of polish and had allot of fun growing up with it, but when I got into the food service field I have to give it up because it is against health coded to wear polish around food. DSW doesn't serve food (yay yay yay) so my love of polish quickly came back and my addiction resumed at full speed ahead.

I decided to start this blog because my life is insanely busy. I know that doesn't make sense at all. I need to have something that relaxes me and that I can have some fun with, that where nail polish come in and I love to write, but never have time to anymore. So I decided to combine the two and give myself some relaxing peace.

Note. Every review on this site is my own personal opinion and experience with the product. As of yet there is no company that has ever sent me a product to be reviewed so every product I have purchased with my own money. If a company ever sends me a product to test I will review it and submit only my honest opinion to you as well as tell you who sent it.

Well thats it for now.

If you want hop over to you tube and check out the Lady Morrgian channel how a few how tos and what not.

Till Next Time.
Lady M

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